Controls Markers

Adds video markers and chapters to the Flowplayer 7 Controlbar


This example displays and in depth configuration with playlist support and use of the controls marker feature with controlbar navigation buttons by configuring the css style marker-button to the player container. A list of clickable chapter markers will be generated on the side using the markers navigation feature.

When hovering over a marker if the new time tooltip is enabled this will be replaced with a caption configured for the marker and a thumbnail frame if configured.


The Controlbar Markers plugin enables adding customisable markers to the controls which could be used for chapter marker seek points. This feature simply requires a set of marker start times in seconds with an optional end time configured for the video. If none are configured on startup they can be added using the Javascript api methods instead.

The marker navigation feature allows to seek back and forth between the marker region. The chapter marker list navigation feature creates a styleable sidebar navigation with caption text or can be displayed using horizontal thumbnails.

Overrides the new player time tooltip a caption and thumbnail if configured for the marker while hovering.

Native Html5 TextTrack cues are created where supported or for browsers that don't support the Html5 video TextTrack api or Firefox that did not integrate cuechange events the Flowplayer 6 cuepoint system will be used instead.

If switching between different video formats and engines which are not Html5 video formats it will use the player cuepoint system instead.

The markers plugin supports configuring via WebVTT Text Tracks Format much like for the subtitles feature however it also supports adding custom data in JSON format not just text for thumbnails etc.


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