EBU R128 Loudness Playback

Manages volume normalisation across videos using the EBU R128 Specification.

This example displays the use of the configuration of LUFS loudness levels for each video and the target playback LUFS loudness level.


The EBU R128 Loudness Playback plugin enables the loudness control of videos or audio files in a playlist to normalise their playback levels.

This feature uses LUFS data analysed from the audio tracks each video or audio file to calculate the right volume upon playback.

These levels are in reference to the user set level. Absolute volume will therefore form a reference to the set target LUFS loudness level and either reduce or boost audio volume so they are playing evenly.

With the included python script loudness-cli using ffmpeg as a backend. Loudness information can be extracted from each video. To be used as a configuration on the player.



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